Personal Pathfinder Programme

fullsizerenderThis Personal Coaching Programme is a six session package including a minimum of 7.5 hours one-to-one time with me plus exclusive notes and other project materials.  The package is tailored specifically to you.  This programme will help us map the territory for your personal and spiritual growth and gather the knowledge and resources necessary for the journey into your own potential.

During these sessions we will focus on:

  • orienting you to where you are
  • dropping down more fully into the wisdom of the body
  • how to move from Inner Critic to Inner Authority
  • exploring how the Enneagram can illuminate your path to greater freedom, joy and peace
  • bringing curiosity and kindness to your current challenges and unhelpful repeating patterns

img_0129All coaching is presence-based, using the wisdom of the three centres of intelligence (the head, heart and belly/gut) and focused on supporting your optimal unfolding, exploring your personal potential and capacity to live with greater freedom, authenticity and depth.

Sessions can take place in person or online.  Frequency can be negotiated but normally  fortnightly and all six sessions to take place within 3-6 months.   If you wish to continue our conversations, further Soul Work Coaching is available either one-to-one or as part of a Group.