Deep Personal Coaching

One-to-one personal coaching is a chance to step away from the day-to-day and find a place for calm reflection.  A time to come back to yourself, to unravel the knots and explore your possibilities and edges.  It is a space in which to take a proactive and compassionate approach to addressing unhelpful repeating patterns

FREE One Hour Session:  I allocate a limited number free one hour Pathfinder Sessions per month for those interested in working with me one-to-one.  This is a chance to talk through where you are on your path and where you might best focus your personal development efforts.  There is no expectation that you will go on to work with me, though I hope of course that you will find something that inspires you and encourages you to be part of the Soul Work Project Community.

My approach focuses on bringing awareness into our bodies, listening in to the img_0693deep intelligence of the head, the heart and the belly, grounding us in the present moment. We work with whatever is in the way of your own flourishing.  We create the conditions that support the gradual letting go of unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaving and relating. We  practice deep listening and let curiosity show us the way.

My role as a Deep Coach is to offer wise guidance and support on your journey. Along the way, I may be your guide, your travelling companion, your cheerleader, confidante, perhaps sometimes a shoulder to cry on, your muse.

Sessions can be online or face-to-face in Hitchin, though it may be possible to meet elsewhere by arrangement.

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Deep Coaching

For more information about Deep Coaching, please see Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s books Deep Living and Deep Coaching.  Information is available online via the Deep Coaching Institute website and Roxanne’s Deep Living inspiring website.