Inner Critic Blitz Session (FREE)

Are you fed up with your Inner Critic putting you down and stopping you from doing things you want to do?  Do you want to learn how to take on your Inner Critic, be kinder to yourself and develop genuine confidence? Let’s sit down together over a cup of tea*.. you, me and you Inner Critic and find out what its game is.. (*other beverages are available!).

I offer a limited number of FREE Inner Critic Blitz Sessions worth £100 each month. Your Inner Critic probably won’t think it’s a good idea but how about the rest of you?!

What will you get from the session?

In this one hour session I will help you:

  • identify some of the subtle (and not so subtle!) ways your Inner Critic is limiting you
  • understand what its agenda is
  • learn how to catch it in the act!
  • devise some strategies to reclaim your Inner Authority

The session can take place either at my room in Hitchin or online via Skype or FaceTime.

To apply for a free session, please complete the application form via the link below.

Invitation to an Inner Critic Blitz Session

I will contact you if I am able to offer you a session.

With warmest wishes,

Kate Manley