Inner Critic Blitz Days

On an Inner Critic Blitz Day we square up to your Inner Critic together and find out what its game is.   Through a series of mindfulness-based practices, questions and enquiries we will explore:

  • how your Inner Critic operates
  • where its messages come from
  • how this affects you in the moment
  • how it affects your self-esteem and confidence
  • how it affects what you do/don’t do
  • what it is trying to achieve
  • how you can change your relationship with your Inner Critic

Together we explore from a place of curiosity and kindness.  The more we are able to occupy the position of a curious observer, the more separation we have from its harsh judgements.  We learn to distinguish between the fear-based script and the tender soul who is being attacked.  Compassion arises for the hurting part of us and we develop more effective ways of responding to the Inner Critic’s persistent attacks.

Blitz Days normally take place face-to-face.  This may be either in Hitchin or elsewhere by arrangement.