What is Soul Work?

Soul Work is a very personal affair.  It is a burgeoning love affair with the truth of things.  And the heart knows the way ❤️

If you find yourself here, you may already have some idea about what Soul Work is for you.  You may be familiar with your patterns and structures and on a evolving spiritual path. Or you may just be starting to really explore or are just following your curiosity.

You may sense depth beneath the everydayness of things or a nameless ache or some kind of restlessness in the soul or a distant pull, a sense of being called home or some other unknown something.  You may feel called to inner work, to keep discovering, to land back in Being, to come back to whole.

Soul Work Projects, Events and one-to-one Deeper Divese proactive ways to respond to this call to deeper inner work.

Soul Work in the Everyday

The Soul Work Project aims to provide safe, beautiful love-infused spaces where we can connect to the truth of things and support each others’ unfolding.

These explorations takes us deeper into living with greater freedom and authenticity whilst also being realistic about the practicalities of modern life.  We must navigate our way through the limitations and opportunities of work, relationships, family, finances and wider cultural, social and political systems.  Soul work, deep living, happens in the every day.

About the Name..

Project suggests an exploration of possibilities

Work because some effort is required.  The irony is that the ‘work’ of soul work is the effort needed to let go of effort.

Soul is more difficult to define.  We cannot know the soul conceptually.  We can only know it through exploring, experiencing and embodying it.

Join me on this amazing human soul project? .. yours.. mine.. ours 🤗

… for me, soul work is about listening deeply, practising patience and gentle kindness, working with what is in the way and allowing myself to shine and be free… how about for you? 😊


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