Quiet Reflective Space Mini-Retreat

Are you craving some quiet time to yourself before the new week starts.  Want to start the week feeling relaxed, grounded and focused?

On a late Sunday afternoon, these mindfulness-based sessions are a chance to come back to yourself, to take stock and orient yourself positively towards the week ahead.

In an atmosphere of quiet relaxation, acceptance and ease, we can kick off our ‘doing shoes’ for a while, quieten the chatter of the mind and drop down into a deeper experience of ourselves.

From this place, we can more easily tune into our natural wisdom, strength and capacities. We can then start the week with a clearer head and feeling more able to support our positive intentions and personal wellbeing.

This mindful meetup offers:quiet * reflective * space

  • a short introductory talk
  • a guided meditation
  • time for personal reflection
  • gentle movement
  • mindful inquiry and support
  • intention setting
  • informal sharing

There will be no pressure to do anything that does not feel right for you. Everything is simply an invitation. This is time for you to relax and be with yourself and others with gentle kindness and curiosity.

As well as periods of silence, there will be a soundtrack of chilled music. If you sign up, you will be invited to suggest favourite tracks for the playlist.

Please contact me for details of upcoming dates.