End of Life Planning as a Spiritual Practice (Talk)

Next date: Tuesday 17 July 2018 at the Clophill Centre in Central Bedfordshire (20 minutes drive from Hitchin, Luton, Bedford and Biggleswade).  Further information and tickets available on my Facebook page here.  The Gift of Mortality course, diving deeper into this subject, is also being planned.

“Reflecting on death can have a profound and positive impact not just on how we die, but on how we live. .. [it] can be a valuable companion on the road to living well, forging a rich and meaningful life, and letting go of regret.” (Frank Ostakeski)

In this talk, Kate explores how turning gently towards our own mortality takes us on a spiritual path towards our own depth and capacity to live more fully. The practices involved in this Gentle Turn are mindful and heartfelt enquiries into how our relationship with death can enliven us and ease our fears, whatever we believe happens after physical death.

Contemplating the end of our lives can be unsettling and putting together an end of life plan might seem like a daunting task. However, if we adopt this process as a spritual practice to which we bring curiosity and gentle open-heartedness, these tasks become an exploration, an adventure, a revelation.

Making an end of life plan can bring great comfort and a sense of support on our personal and collective journeys towards death, however far away that may be. Asking ourselves some profound and practical questions about what will support our soul’s journey at the end of life can bring us into direct contact with our deepest loves, passions and possibilities. As we contemplate our wishes for the end of our lives, we find ourselves with greater clarity about what matters most for the rest of our lives.

Kate will bring a mix of practical information about end of life planning and inspiring ideas and practices for living more fully in the courageous acknowledgment of our time limitedness. These may help us appreciate more deeply the exquisite nature of our aliveness and the possibilities available to us in each precious moment.