Enneagram and Yoga Workshop

Booking opening soon for a half-day workshop on the Enneagram at Hot Yoga Wimbledon on Sunday 21 October 2018.

Introduction to the Workshop

Yoga and the Enneagram have a lot in common and exploring the Enneagram can be a great support to your yoga practice.  Both are concerned with bringing the mind, body and spirit back into natural alignment and flow.  While they can both highlight our insecurities and unhelpful habits, with an attitude of kindness and curiosity they can also guide us back to the liberating truth of our deeper nature.  Yoga does this through body- and breath-based practices and the Enneagram through exploring and understanding how our personality gets in the way.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram itself is an ancient symbol that maps the terrain of the human personality.  The nine points on the diagram represent nine different patterns and fixations of the personality.  Our personality tends to be organised around one of these points and this is known as our dominant type.  The Enneagram describes many characteristics associated with each type including their basic desires, fears, blind spots, Achilles heels, sensitivities, relational styles, strengths and gifts.

How does the Enneagram help?

Knowing our dominant type helps us to see how we get caught in habitual patterns of thinking, behaving and relating and how we can release ourselves from this suffering.  The Enneagram is not about categorising us or putting us in a box.  In fact, it is about finding out what box we are already in and pointing us respectfully in the direction of ever greater freedom and joy.

The Workshop

In this informative and interactive three hour workshop, you will:

  1. learn about the Enneagram system and get some clues as to your dominant type
  2. find out how the Enneagram can support your yoga practice
  3. watch the ways your Inner Critic tries to sabotage this
  4. practice bringing curiosity, kindness and presence to the habitual ways you either block or misdirect your energetic flow
  5. help you orient yourself on your personal and spiritual development path.

Booking via Hot Yoga Wimbledon.  Cost: £30

One-to-One Sessions

Kate will be offering discounted one-to-one Enneagram Orientation Sessions at the studio or online during August, September and October.  These sessions last an hour and a quarter and focus on exploring your personality style and how the Enneagram can support you in many areas of your life.  Special rate of £90 at the studio or £75 online until 20 October 2018. To book a session, please contact Kate directly on 07952 476534 or via kate@thesoulworkproject.com.