Diving Deeper Days


Diving Deeper Days are semi-structured one-to-one time with Kate, responsive to what requires our attention.  This may be focused on a particular issue or be a more open ongoing enquiry.  It is a chance to immerse yourself in a safe and supportive space where you can connect more deeply to your innate wisdom and natural capacities.

Like all Soul Work, we start with bringing ourselves to centre and by dropping down into the wisdom of our body.

The day may involve:

  • guided centring and grounding practices
  • mindful exploration
  • writing exercises
  • going for a walk or other movement
  • relaxation
  • orientation towards sincere intentions.

The session may take place at my office or elsewhere by agreement.  Diving Deeper sessions are available as either a half or whole day session.  Half-days are only available if they take place within 30 minutes travelling distance of Hitchin.