Invitation to a Quiet Reflective Space

"The quieter you become the more you can hear" Ram Dass It’s not easy finding time and space to be quiet and really come back to ourselves.  We may recognise the value of it but still not make time for it.. for stillness, privacy, solitude, slowness, personal reflection that honors the inner self, that values authenticity, honesty, open heartedness, the exquisite beauty of our tender vulnerability, that trusts our soul’s capacity to really know itself, not the version of we have taken ourselves to be, but the deeper truths that lie beneath our adaptations.

Beneath the Everydayness of Things..

Developing a mindfulness practice is a wonderful and liberating thing to do. It is easy however to fall into the trap of thinking mindfulness is something else we have to fit in to our busy day. It is not. Practising mindfulness can range from short or long periods of silent meditation to the occasional ten seconds when you simply remember to feel your feet and notice the rhythm and movement of your breath in your body.

Letting that Sh*t Go: The Transformational Power of the Enneagram

The Enneagram has helped me to really know myself.  And I mean to really know myself, not as the collection of neurotic adaptations I had taken myself to be but who I really am beneath the adaptations, my true nature as a unique human soul with all the natural qualities and capacities that come pre-loaded in every human child.