Welcome Home

Kate Manley

Welcome to the warm, cosy home of The Soul Work Project where you and your curiosity are invited to sink into a big comfy armchair and have a nice cup of tea.

If you are…

  • an inspiration seeker
  • a serial workshop retreater
  • a journal scribbler
  • an aspiring meditator
  • struggling with your inner critic
  • have a nameless ache or restless soul
  • are simply curious and trying to find your way

… you may find signposts to greater freedom and relaxation here.

The Soul Work Project offers a variety of personal and spiritual growth events and one-to-one sessions to curious and hopeful folk, interested in exploring their unique personal potential and the nature and depth of the human soul.

Heartful Community Events

Kate hosts various events including talks, workshops and mini-retreats.  These will be safe, supportive, beautiful spaces to be with others who are also looking to break away from unhelpful patterns and live with greater authenticity and depth.

One-to-One Sessions

Kate also works with people one-to-one, offering wise guidance and loving support on the journey home. Devised to support your optimal unfolding, Deeper Dives are offered as either half or whole immersion days or six session journeys.

All offerings are available to nervous newbies and seasoned travellers alike.

If something here resonates with you, I sincerely invite you to 

feel it, follow it and find out what is moving in you…

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