Two tips for people who want to use hypnotherapy to change a behaviour

If you engage in a behaviour that you know is bad for you (for example, if you shop way too much and buy many things you don't need or if you gamble a bit too often), and you'd like to see if having hypnotherapy could help you to change this behaviour, here are some tips.

1. Try to relax before each hypnotherapy session

The secret to having a good hypnotherapy session (one in which the hypnotherapist successfully puts a positive suggestion into your subconscious and helps you to get closer to changing your undesirable behaviour) is being totally relaxed and letting your guard down as much as you can. If you don't allow yourself to truly relax when having hypnotherapy, you will have to go through a lot of sessions before you notice any progress and begin to experience a positive change in your life.

Whilst some hypnotherapy clients can relax as soon as the hypnotherapist instructs them to or clicks their fingers, others find it harder. If you need a bit of time to wind down and get into the calm, open state of mind that is required for this therapy, you should ensure that you practise relaxing before each appointment. For example, if you'll be walking to your hypnotherapist's office each week, you might want to head out a bit earlier, take a longer route through a beautiful park and sit on a bench in this scenic place, doing some deep-breathing, for 10 minutes before the appointment. This should ensure that when you reach the hypnotherapist's office, you'll have already quietened your mind to the point where you are susceptible to the suggestions that you want the hypnotherapist to embed in your mind.

2. Track your progress

When having hypnotherapy, it's important to track your progress. The reason for this is as follows; whilst some clients find that, for example, their shopping addiction vanishes after one appointment, most people experience a gradual and steady improvement in whichever behaviour they're trying to change. Because of this, you may find that your behaviour changes so subtly and gradually that you don't realise what has happened, until months later.

If you want to experience the satisfaction of observing the gradual impact hypnotherapy has on your behaviour, you should track your progress. For example, if you're an online shopping addict, you should count how many hours per week you spend browsing and shopping online. You will probably find that, with each therapy session you have, the number of hours you spend on this activity goes down and the money in your savings account (that you would have otherwise wasted on unnecessary shopping trips) goes up.

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